Chobchini Gomutra Ark


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Chobchini :- Valuable in Venereal maladies, stiffness and

interminable skin affections, has hostile to aggravation and detoxification

properties, valuable in enhancing bulk and body quality, it acts

against the issues caused because of malnourishment of Dhatus, for example,

poor resistance and shortcoming, used to treat throbs, torments and

aggravation related with creepy crawly chomp, Valuable in Rheumatoid joint pain

also, gout, herpes, epilepsy, madness, perpetual apprehensive sicknesses,

stomach distension, intestinal gas, debility, weakness, turbid pee,

Helpful in skin issues, Detoxifies organs, purifies blood, helps

ingestion and eliminates microbes. It additionally animates absorption, increments

pee, ensures liver and advances sweat.

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